AWS E6013 Welding Electrode

AWS E6013 is a low-carbon steel electrode with a high titaniume coating and can be used on AC. or DC . It  has excellent welding technological properties .  The  arc  is  stable .  The spatter is small. The slag viscosity is moderate. It can be used freely . The slag  is  easy to clean . The welded seam is smooth  and fine and easy to restrike the arc.

Suitable  for  welding  sheet  metal  structure  made  of  low-carbon  steel , such  as  ships, vehicles, building, and general machinery.

Welding Electrode Specification
materials:low-carbon steel
welding rods e6010,e6011,e7016,e7018

AWS E7018 Welding Electrode

AWS E7018 is low-hydrogen potassium coating  carbon  steel welding  rod   and  can be  used on  AC.  or   DC

Suitable for welding important structures made of low alloy steel.

Welding Electrode Specification
1. E7018, E6013, E6010, E6011
2. Size:2.5*300mm,3.2*350mm,4.0*400mm,5.0*400mm
3. High Quality,

Stainless Steel Welding Rod E308-16

A102 is low carbon Cr19Ni10 stainless steel type of electrode with Titanium-calcium coating. It provides excellent mechanical performance as well as anti-intercry stalline corrosion performance between.It can be operated on both AC and DC with outstanding operation performance.

It is suitable for welding structure of anti-corrosion 0cr18Ni9 and 0Cr18Ni11 Ti stainless steel,which working temperature is below 300C

Stainless Steel Welding Rod E308-16
Suitable for anti-corrosion stainless steel