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      In 2006, a 40 year old employee of a state-owned enterprise submitted his resignation application. With his life dream, he gave up the comfortable and stable life of a large enterprise, rented a private house and began to work hard. The newly established Nanchang Guochang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. has only two people engaged in one However, the cruel side of the market economy soon emerged. With the development of the network economy, the general domestic trade profits are very meager, and loss and loss have become the norm of this start-up enterprise. However, we firmly believe that science and technology is productivity. Under the spiritual support of not admitting defeat and not bowing down in the face of difficulties, we expand business and conduct in-depth research at the same time. A treatment method of coking wastewater after biochemical treatment developed in 2011 has finally won the national invention patent. The application effect of this patented technology in coking wastewater, which is highly difficult to treat, has been fully recognized, With the national emphasis on environmental protection, the needs of the market are becoming increasingly apparent. At present, the company has developed into a science and technology enterprise with more than 80 people and 28 people with college degree or above. The deepening treatment technology of coking wastewater occupies the market of Jiangxi Province. It is the only environmental protection company specializing in the treatment of coking wastewater in Jiangxi Province.
      However, the company always regards innovation as the primary productivity. At present, the company has established long-term cooperative relations with doctors from Nanchang University and East China Jiaotong University. Taking advantage of the technical advantages of the University, the company continues to deeply cultivate the industries of coking wastewater treatment, reclaimed water reuse, sewage and industrial wastewater treatment, waste gas treatment and environmental protection equipment. At the same time, the company will attract talents. In 2026, the company will become a leader in science and technology, A scientific and technological enterprise with happy employees.
      Business scope: Environmental Engineering; R &amp; D, technical consultation and technical services of environmental protection equipment, labor protection articles, environmental protection agents and environmental protection products; Domestic trade; Wholesale of flammable liquids, corrosive products and oxidants (no warehouse for trade); Production and sales of organic fertilizer.