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      Nanchang Guochang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 with a registered capital of 20 million. The company is located in Nanchang City, Jiangxi Province. It is a private technology environmental protection Co., Ltd. specializing in the field of environmental protection. Relying on the strong technical advantages of Nanchang University and East China Jiaotong University, the company focuses on coking wastewater treatment, reclaimed water reuse, sewage and industrial wastewater treatment, waste gas treatment and environmental protection equipment.
      The company fully relies on the strong technical advantages, scientific research advantages and human resources of Nanchang University, East China Jiaotong University and other universities, and employs several professors, postdoctors and senior engineers with high attainments in the industry as consultants. It is a high-tech environmental protection company engaged in wastewater, waste gas treatment, domestic sewage treatment, landscape water treatment and reclaimed water reuse. Our patented technology “zl201110263024.2 deep decolorization and COD reduction treatment technology of coking wastewater” has been fully tested by Fangda Special Steel coking plant, Jingdezhen coking plant and Xinyu Iron and Steel coking plant, which has been fully recognized by users and highly praised. We promote advanced and innovative system solutions in the national market, fully consider the specific requirements of customers, strive to provide products with excellent quality, stable performance and advanced technology, take the success of customers as our real success, and environmental protection as our duty and pride.
      The tenet of the company’s corporate culture is “integrity, communication, unity and win-win”. The employees of the company embody themselves in the spirit of taking the company as their home, taking the company as their pride, advocating the concept of institutionalization, procedure and humanization, and taking dedication, responsibility, honor and self-discipline as the core values.
      As we all know, coking wastewater treatment has always been a major difficulty and focus of water treatment at home and abroad. Our company has conducted several years of research on the deepening treatment of the sewage, and takes this as the development focus and direction. Fully analyze the water quality of major coking plants such as Baosteel, Liugang, WISCO and Xianggang, and carry out detailed and arduous analysis, test, search, summary and breakthrough according to different water quality. After tens of thousands of experimental analysis and practical application, senior engineers of our company, experts of Baosteel Design Institute, chemical experts and doctors of Nanchang University finally developed a series of agents for advanced treatment of coking wastewater and formulated corresponding sewage treatment engineering schemes. The actual application in the coking plant of Nanchang Changli iron and Steel Co., Ltd. is one of the typical cases, which has achieved good results, won the affirmation of the local environmental protection department and was rated as the “second prize of scientific and technological achievements”, becoming a benchmark for the ideal effect of surrounding coking wastewater treatment. The coking plant of Xingang has been in stable operation for one year and has received positive evaluation in many inspections and evaluations.
      The uniqueness of the company’s “decolorization effect” in the advanced treatment of coking wastewater has also been highly praised by industry experts and peers. It fills the gap in the advanced treatment technology of coking wastewater in China, and has achieved good economic and social benefits, which is highly praised by users.
      This technology of our company is explored, tested and developed in practice and fully tested in practice. It has a variety of advanced and innovative system solutions, can meet the specific requirements of customers, strive to provide products with excellent quality, stable performance and advanced technology, and take the success of customers as our real success, Environmental protection is our bounden duty and pride.
      Among the five project departments currently in operation, the project Department of Nangang was established in 2007 and has been operating for 10 years. There are more than 10 permanent staff in the project department. At present, the treated water volume reaches 1200m3 / D, which is mainly responsible for the deep decolorization treatment of coking wastewater in Fangda Special Steel coking plant. The employees in the project department have been working hard for ten years, adhering to the spirit of Guochang, completing the company’s operation tasks efficiently and ensuring the operation effect. In the long-term operation, the company has repeatedly passed the inspection of the supervision team of the National Environmental Protection Bureau and provincial and municipal environmental protection departments, and ensured that it meets and exceeds the national emission standard in its daily operation. The daily monitoring cod index is lower than 80, ammonia nitrogen index is lower than 8 and chromaticity is lower than 10.
      Research and development of water treatment agents: polyaluminium chloride, polyacrylamide, heavy metal capture agent, chemical agent for removing COD and ammonia nitrogen, etc., and prepare exclusive agents for customers, with an annual production capacity of more than 1000 tons.
      Production of environmental protection equipment and agent of imported products: horizontal screw centrifuge, aerator, mud scraper and suction machine, filter press; Filter, solid-liquid separator, iron manganese filter, precision filter, ion bar; Chlorine dioxide preparation equipment; A series of on-line water quality monitoring equipment and instruments.
      In recent years, our company has cooperated closely with relevant professional colleges of Nanchang University, Jiangxi Agricultural University and other universities, and carried out the development and research of biological nitrifying bacteria in the school of environmental microbial engineering. Among the strains after R &amp; D and breeding, the reaction rate of nitrifying bacteria has been improved, the expansion rate of bacteria has been significantly improved, and the average expansion rate of bacteria after inoculation can reach 30 to 40 times, The growth rate can even reach 60 times under good conditions. The strain can greatly shorten the commissioning time of sludge inoculation, improve the commissioning efficiency, and improve the stability of the system during system operation.
      Our company cooperates with colleges and universities to study the microbial bacteria for reducing sulfur cyanide at the same time. The microorganisms in the biochemical method of sewage treatment are easy to be poisoned by sulfur cyanide, resulting in the collapse of the system. The thiocyanide reducing microorganism developed by our company can operate under the condition of thiocyanide concentration up to 2.5ml/l, so as to ensure the stable operation of AO system, improve system stability and improve the degradation efficiency of pollutants.