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      The first basketball “Tongxin Cup” basketball friendship match in 2021

      Release time: 2021年12月8日

      On the afternoon of November 26, the first "Tongxin Cup" basketball friendship match between Jiangxi Copper Group and Xingang group in 2021, CO organized by Nanchang Guochang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., was grandly held in Nanchang Xingrui basketball park.

      The leading guests attending the friendly competition included Wang Bo, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Jiangxi Copper Group, Jiang Wenbo, deputy general manager of Jiangxi Copper Group, Zeng min, deputy chief economist of Jiangxi Copper Group, and Zhao Bicheng, executive vice chairman of the trade union of Jiangxi Copper Group; Hu Jinhua, Secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of Xingang group, Xiao Zhongdong, deputy general manager of Xingang group, Li Haoming, assistant general manager of Xingang group, and Wang Qing, director of asset operation Department of Xingang group; Mai Rong, general manager of Guochang environmental protection company.

      At the beginning, the two sides broke through, interspersed, you come and go, and the score rose. When Jiangxi copper group had achieved a double-digit lead at the end of the second quarter, Xingang group bravely pursued in the second half, and the score was 65-65 before the end. The game came to the overtime. The score rose alternately three minutes before the overtime. Finally, Jiangxi copper group was better. After the fierce overtime, the score was finally fixed at 74:70. Jiangxi Copper Group won the friendly game with a 4-point advantage.

      The first "Tongxin Cup" basketball friendship match between Jiangxi Copper Group and Xingang group in 2021 finally came to an end. The two teams showed us a wonderful game. Through this "Tongxin Cup" basketball friendship match, the friendship between the two enterprises is inherited and carried forward, and the strong combination of the two enterprises will certainly be able to "Tongxin" to strive for the first class hand in hand and walk in the forefront.