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      Guochang environmental protection donated protective clothing to the medical team supporting Wuhan in Jiangxi Province

      Release time: 2020年2月21日

      Recently, a sudden new coronal epidemic (2019 ncov) has ravaged the land of China, affecting every one of us all the time. A group of angels, fearless of the epidemic, volunteered. They are the most beautiful rebels. On January 29, the medical team of Jiangxi Province to assist Hubei, led by Wang Zhuo, entered the fifth hospital of Wuhan, but there was a shortage of medical materials, and people were called on to donate. After hearing the news, general manager Mai of the company tried his best to find a manufacturer of protective clothing by using his own contacts, bought 500 sets of protective clothing and donated them to the medical team.
      In the face of the epidemic situation, Guochang environmental protection earnestly implemented the spirit of the document of Jiangxi Province on doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control, always put the life safety and health of employees first, do a good job in epidemic prevention and control and emergency preparedness, and earnestly perform the important responsibilities of the enterprise in epidemic prevention and control.
      In addition to this batch of protective clothing, other materials purchased successively will also be donated to the government and the majority of medical staff in the front line of epidemic prevention and control free of charge, so as to continue to contribute to the fight against the epidemic.