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      Sacrifice 2020 spring

      Release time: 2020年2月25日

      In these days, we are praying that the epidemic will end as soon as possible. The first thing we do every morning is to check the changes of epidemic data. Every day we are holding our hearts, suffering and looking forward to... In these thirty days and nights, our emotions fluctuate with the changes of the epidemic
      Wuhan is groaning and the whole country is shaking! We are deeply depressed about this. Listen! The sonorous vows of the soldiers made us burst into tears. Look! Scenes of the rebel's firm advance, let's spray our blood! One tearful deed after another keeps us awake all night!
      For a long time, I haven't asked my conscience so quietly. For a long time, I haven't been washed away like this in the depths of my soul! What kind of nation is this? Why are there so many righteous warriors charging ahead at a time of national crisis! In the struggle with death! Why do so many soldiers in white fight the plague with their lives!
      An infected person is leaving, and a white warrior who saved the dying and healed the wounded is falling
      People all over China are mourning for it! People all over China are crying for it
      This is the bold and loyal soul of the Chinese nation for thousands of years!
      This is the backbone of the Chinese nation!
      Write it down, Guochang people!
      These thirty days and nights, why do we stay awake all night.
      At this moment, we will no longer haggle over our own gains and losses!
      At this moment, we will no longer be timid in the face of all kinds of difficulties!
      At this critical moment, what Guochang people should have is more blood and responsibility!
      At this critical moment, Guochang people should do everything down-to-earth with high fighting spirit and indomitable determination!
      From Nanchang to Fengcheng, from Zhangshu to Xinyu and Jingdezhen, even though the epidemic situation is constantly changing, our people in Guochang are still struggling in various posts! Still working day and night! In this battle without seeing the smoke of gunpowder, it can best reflect whether our Guochang people are really dedicated, doing their best and doing their duty! On this invisible battlefield, it is also the most able to test whether Guochang people and Guochang cadres are loyal, bold, confident and firm, dare to overcome all difficulties and obstacles, excellently complete the tasks assigned by the company, and make a good start and layout for this year's goals!
      From each project department to comprehensive department, Biotechnology Department, business department and finance department. All of us in Guochang are paying silently and doing our due duties in a down-to-earth manner. We have many good cadres who carry forward Guochang's spirit of moving forward in difficult times and daring to shoulder heavy burdens in times of crisis! It is precisely because of the power of these endless examples that all the people of Guochang have stepped forward one after another, bravely fought the epidemic, adhered to various jobs, worked well every hour and fulfilled their duties every day under the pressure of various difficulties.
      We firmly believe that, inspired by many examples of traitors in the country, the people of Guochang will continue to carry forward the fighting spirit of daring to fight and fight, daring to light the sword, perseverance and never say die!
      We firmly believe that through the decisive battle of the national anti epidemic, we Guochang people will do our best to donate the love of each Guochang people, take the soldiers in white as the benchmark, and write a chapter of the progress of Guochang people with life and sweat!
      We firmly believe that the people of Guochang will certainly be able to produce touching deeds like the great rebel soldiers in white who are willing to contribute in this anti epidemic Sniper War. We will be able to leave the historical footprints of Guochang people to tide over the difficulties and struggle forward at this difficult critical moment!
      Guochang, Guochang! The prosperity of the country is the prosperity of the people! Skin does not exist, hair will be attached! Every man is responsible for the prosperity of the country! Guochang people will remember the mission of Guochang and contribute their due strength to our great motherland with our hard-working hands and warm blood!
      The spring of 2020! Let you and I write down every day and night forever!
      Let the spring thunder in 2020 come more fiercely!
      That's the war drum that Guochang people are beating!
      Let the lightning in 2020 be more dazzling!
      That is the light that lights up the courageous progress of the Chinese nation!
      Salute the great rebels!
      Pay tribute to the warriors of the Chinese nation!
      Mai Rong February 21, 2020