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      Sand water separator

      Release time: 2021年11月3日

      1. The sedimentation device and sand conveying device of sand water separator are closed integrated structure, and have the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, high working reliability and less maintenance workload.
      2. The separation efficiency of sand water separator can reach 96% ~ 98%, which can separate particles with particle size of 0.2mm, and the recovery rate is not less than 98%; The removal rate of gravel with diameter greater than 0.1mm shall not be less than 80%.
      3. Under normal conditions, the performance of sand water separator is matched with that of pump grit chamber and sand pump in sand storage room. It can also operate continuously when necessary.
      4. The shell, support, sand conveyor and other important parts of the sand water separator are made of stainless steel. The conveying screw in the U-shaped groove is in the form of shaftless screw, and its structural design is to ensure the flow of materials without blockage; The shaftless helix has sufficient strength and stiffness to ensure that it will not be affected to deform or elongate under the maximum working load.
      5. The support bearing without shaft screw is waterproof, dustproof, wear-resistant and automatic lubrication.
      6. The separation tank of the sand water separator is made of stainless steel by processing and welding, and the bottom is semicircular, which is used to support the screw conveyor. The water inlet and overflow pipe are installed on the upper part of the container, and the drainage pipe is installed on the lower part for maintenance. All pipe fittings and flanges shall be made of stainless steel.
      7. The design of inlet and outlet pipe diameter of sand water separator can prevent the blockage of sundries in water.
      8. The configuration of sand separator and auxiliary parts is suitable for continuous and intermittent work.
      9. A sufficient number of replaceable liners are installed in the U-groove spiral groove, which has the advantages of simple structure, long service life and easy replacement.
      10. There are no high-speed running parts in the equipment, so the screw wear is low and almost no maintenance is required.
      11. The driving device adopts shaft mounted reducer, and the output shaft is directly connected with the screw.