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      Grating machine

      Release time: 2021年11月3日

      Grid machine is a kind of solid-liquid separation equipment that can continuously remove sundries in fluid. It is used in urban sewage treatment and waterworks
      Grid machine, power plant water inlet, textile, food processing, papermaking, leather and other industries are indispensable special equipment in the production process. It is a solid-liquid screening equipment widely used in China at present
      1. The equipment has high degree of automation, high separation efficiency, noise and power consumption. 2. The rake teeth are made of stainless steel with good corrosion and high temperature resistance. 3. The rake teeth are combined into a grid surface with stainless steel guard plate, which will not be blocked. 4. There are two specifications of rake tooth pitch: 100 and 150. 150 pitch is suitable for large grid gap. 5. Various grid gaps can be prepared as required. The grid gap can be selected from 1-50mM. 6. The machine width is 300-3000mm for user selection. 7. The whole machine is installed integrally with high operation precision.
      Note: the equipment is hoisted by the whole machine during installation. There is no need to set other supports on both sides of the water collecting well, as long as 620 is embedded on the ground × one hundred and fifty × There are two 16mm steel plates. During installation, the supporting steel plates on both sides of the frame can be welded into one.